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High Voltage Connectors
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High Voltage Connectors



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High Voltage transmission is a substantial procedure in a variety of capital-intensive and complex manufacturing operations in high technologies. On our HV-Interconn- ections we therefore emphasize rugged, durable and premium mechanical con- structions with best electrical properties. It is our aim to provide our customers with an ideal solution – not with the cheapest!


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High Voltage is a dangerous medium. Reliability and application safety of HV-Interconnections strongly depend on quality and condition of the insulation materials, professional manufacturing und quality assurance of all components as well as careful assembly and cable attachment. That way we can considerably eliminate the threat of critical breakdowns and collateral damage or even injuries.


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That is why we undertake constant efforts to arrange the procurement of our products as efficient and timesaving as possible. Durable products, rapid delivery, administrative flexibility and business reliability support the timeline of your development- and production-projects in a cost cutting manner.


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Since creeping current, sparkover voltage, corona, plasma and ozone gas are common side effects to deal with, high voltage technology demands special user knowledge. We consultatory accompany projects and attempt customized fulfillment solutions for our customers.


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As a specialist for instrumental HV-Inter- connectors we offer a broad program from 2 to 100 kVDC in single-, multi- and modular configurations for a wide variety of markets. We consider a stable supply chain as the essential basis for a lasting customer value and pay great attention to our quality- and delivery-reliability.

Welcome to GES Electronic & Service. We are a German manufacturer near Munich specialized in High Voltage Interconnection technologies. The company designs and merchandises circular High Voltage Connectors in diverse configurations for performances from 2 kVDC - 100 kVDC as well as modular HV-Connector Systems (Standard Industrial ConnectorS) combinable with pneumatic-, power-, signal- and data-transmission for more complex applications. GES Electronic & Service has been a reliable partner and OEM-supplier to customers throughout Europe, the United States and worldwide for more than twenty years.
High Voltage Connectors
High Voltage Connectors
High Voltage Connectors
GES Electronic & Service on PCIM Europe in Nuremberg
PCIM Nuremberg LogoWe will exhibit on PCIM Europe in Nuremberg from 19th to 21nd of May 2015. We will be happy to welcome you on Stand 114 in Hall 7 to present our wide range of products. If you are planning a visit don’t hesitate to make an appointment.
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High Voltage Connectors